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Welcome to the world of Matcha with me, founder of MATCHAFANATIK®.

As a Certified Tea Sommelier, Entrepreneur and owner of my very own tea farm in Kyoto, MATCHAFANATIK® believes in sourcing ingredients from only the best quality. Which is why, I work directly with my very own Japanese tea farms and farmers, to ensure the best-tasting organic, environmentally sustainable Matcha, from farm to cup.

This is the personal story of how I came to create MATCHAFANATIK®, from using it as a secret help to transforming it into my greatest passion today.

As a teen struggling with anorexia and bulimia, the first time I had Matcha was with the intention of losing even more weight despite being severely underweight. I knew Matcha had the properties of increasing metabolism, so I took advantage of this, and only had Matcha (and an orange a day), consecutively for 6 to 7 months.

This habit eventually landed me in the hospital. My sister tried to help, bringing me enticing-looking food, but I would never eat any of it. I felt I would get fat just from eating a piece of carrot.

One day my sister came up with a brilliant idea that managed to fool my impressionable mind (at that time). My sister got me a Matcha flavoured cookie and explained that since it had Matcha in it, Matcha would counterbalance the other ingredients in the cookie, making it a neutral calories food item. Somehow that enticed me and I started eating solid food for the first time after months. Slowly my interest for Matcha flavoured food items started building up as I went on the hunt for more Matcha varieties. Eventually, I got back to a healthy weight, and the rest is history.

I found my passion and started gaining more confidence. I became more health conscious and got out of that dark period of my life.

This epiphany became my greatest mission to helping others lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. I started to spread my love for Matcha and built a Matcha community, gaining a rapid following on social media and especially LinkedIn. I realised there are still many out there who are unaware that Matcha is the best healthy alternative you can have. 

and now MATCHAFANATIK® is born.