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Traditional Matcha Preparations


1. Add one scoop (1tsp) of Matchafanatik's matcha to a cup or bowl

  • Suggestion – to avoid clumping, place a small sifter over the cup, scoop the matcha into the sifter and use the bottom of the matcha scoop to force the matcha into the bottom of the cup

2. Pour 40ml (5tbsp) of 70℃ water over the matcha into your cup or bowl

3. Using a whisk, blend the matcha into the hot water. Have fun with this part. When using a whisk, do use a zigzag motion for a few seconds until a frothy layer has formed on top

4. Add another 60ml of 70℃ water or 150ml of your favourite Vegan milk (soy / oat) to make a matcha latte!

5. Sip, savour and enjoy!