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Matcha vs Green Tea

šŸµ Why Green Tea is not Matcha šŸµ

I received a few connections who asks me if Matcha is the same as Green Tea. The answer is no and below are the reasons why:

1. Matcha is only cultivated in Japan while Green Tea can be cultivated in various countries.

2. Matcha is in powder form while Green Tea is in leaves form.

3. Matcha is drank with the ingestion of the whole tea leaves while Green tea is only the infusion of the tea leaves.

4. Matcha is shade grown while Green Tea is grown in the sun.

5. Matcha uses only the finest top leaves without stems and veins while Green Tea shoots, leaves and stems are picked.

6. Matcha has 10x more L-theanine than Green Tea making Matcha the antioxidants powerhouse.

7. 1 cup of Matcha Caffeine = 10 cups of Green Tea Caffeine

Hope this cleared up some of your Matcha confusions my dear MatchafanatikĀ® buddies ~ šŸ˜„šŸ’š