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How I fought with Corona

Just the other day I was heading to my usual pharmacy to replenish my monthly dosage of Vitamin C and come to realise that it was all sold out till further notice!

Instead of panicking I kept calm and reminded myself that there are many other ways to increase your immunity like having garlic, ginger, blueberries and of course matcha 😊💚

Matchafanatik® has one of the highest antioxidant contents like EGCG that helps your body fight pathogens and we would like to help you access these incredible health benefits during this hectic period. It's also a mood enhancer ingredient that can lift your mood and spirit up!

For those who knows me intimately knows that I'm not only a fanatik when it comes to matcha, I'm also a kickboxing/gym fanatik. There are days whereby I can go for back to back classes of 3 - 4 hours doing Kick Boxing and Muay Thai and I do believe good quality matcha is the one that gives me the extra power and boost to have that endurance!

There have been lots of challenges going around the various social media platforms lately like baking challenge on Instagram and let’s get physical challenge on Byte ~ What about some Corona Fight challenge? How are you fighting the current situation to come out stronger ? 💪🏻🤩💚

Above is the video of how I’m fighting the Corona away before my gym went into lockdown.